Door in bright sheet iron "LAF" 12/10 thickness composed by a Z-shaped folded frame thickness, with the slots on the jamb for the insertion of the male part of the two cleat hinges of 80 mm fixed with continual wire sold points; the wing is composed by a sheet iron of 8/10 thickness with lateral ribbings to allow the insertion of the yale type lock, with strong handle in zinc-copper-aluminium alloy black painted on both side.The special folding allows the double rabbet with closed door;on the back part are fixed 3 omega of equal thickness with rivets on the ribbing, and fixed with spot welder on the sheet of the wing. They are painted with the embossed baking paint RAL7032 colour.

Left or right opening by pull versions, available upon request;

Available sizes:

  • 70 Width x 180 Height
  • 80 Width x 180 Height
  • 70 Width x 200 Height
  • 80 Width x 200 Height
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