Explosion resistant steel door - Blast resistance ± 9 Kn / m2

One leaf: “WindStar-D28.1”or Two leaves: “WindStar-D28.1”

Our company design and realize blast doors with:

  • Frame sec. mm. 157x90x5thk:
    Press-folded, boxed, on three sides, thickness mm. 5 in S275JR steel sheet
    Internally thermal insulated with high density mineral wool
    Acoustically insulated by Gypsum/lead sheet on push side.

  • Doorleaf
    S275JR steel 4mm. thk. external faces and perimetral press formed profiles
    Press bended inner stiffening integral with the leaf
    Thermal Insulation by high density mineral wool and gypsum/lead sheets with high acoustic insulation.

  • Hinges:
    High-strength mild steel type, surface welded on frame, qty nos. 3~4 each leaf (depending by the size), with grease nipple.

  • Antipanic locking system (CE-EN1125):
    Surface mounting stainless steel grade 316, multi-point deadbolts.
    Horizontal crossbar lever. Lever handle on pull side, stainless steel grade 316 equipped with european profile cylinder.
    Three horizontal locking points for primary leaf and two locking (vertical) points for secondary leaf.

  • Gaskets:
    Extruded EPDM bulb type and Aluminium-Pvc types. Weather tight perimeter gaskets, suitable for air/water/wind/noise.

  • Closing system (CE-EN1154):
    Model Geze TS4000 tandem. Aluminium hydraulic overhead door closer, surface mounting opposite hinge side, with metal alloy parallel arm. Back check and closing speed adjustable

  • Fastening system:
    Steel grade 316, M12 expansion plugs (q.ty on set)

  • Coating:
    Primer: One coat (40~80 μ) High corrosion resistant zync sulphate based powder, furnace polymerized at 190°C
    Topcoat: One coat (40~80 μ) Polyester powder, furnace polymerized at 190°C
    RAL range color (**** free choice) matt smooth.

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