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Single-leaf or Double-leaf Fire Door with class RF120 resistance, certified according to standard UNI9723 composed of:

Frame in “LAF” pressed steel 2 mm thick, completely assembled to the door, supplied with lugs for wall-mounting already soldered on the frame;

Veneered Door, completely insulated, in “LAF” steel 1 mm thick with a core of extremely heat-resistant material to a total thickness of 64 mm;

Two Hinges for leaf, in extremely resistant and strong steel, one is adjustable self-closing;

Yale-type Lock on the primary leaf with cylinder hole and key;

Lock on the secondary leaf for self-locking, with an internal opening lever, readied for installation of a safety lock for the panic handle;

Two blocking Spurs inserted in the doorstop on the hinge side;

Safety Handle in black with a steel core, complete with plates and yale-type cylinder hole;

Heat-expanding Seal inserted in a special capsule attached to the frame;

Seal for cold fumes inserted in a special groove in the frame;

Painted with epoxy pwders stove-dried, colour RAL7032 (light grey) embossed;

Identification Plate on every door, showing manufacturing and certification details;

The above door, certified in accordance with standard UNI9723 and subsequent amendments, is accompanied by a certificate that the product conforms to the test prototype.


Single-Leaf Fire Door RF120
Single-Leaf Fire Door RF120
Double-Leaf Fire Door RF120

Certification door 

CSI0514RF of 15.03.95

Certification for two-leaf door

CSI0584RF of 30.05.96


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