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Cooker hoods for kitchen
Cooker Hoods for KitchenThe Cooker Hoods for Kitchen is made with high quality raw materials. It is composed by bright sheet iron of 6/10 tickness; the process of manufacture creates agreeable chamferms that make harmonius the enameled Cooker Hoods in a modern Kitchen; in its back part are realized useful holes for the fixing of the Cooker Hoods to the wall and the smoke outlet hole has a connection for the eventual tube; its dimension are: depth 42 cm., height 19 cm., while the widht is available in various sizes; it is painted with the bright baking paint RAL9010 colour.


Available size
CM.       60diam.8
CM.       70diam.8
CM.       80diam.8
CM.       90diam.8
CM.     100diam.8



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