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Introduction to the firm:

Having inherited over 30 years of experience from the previous one-man business Mauro BROGELLI,  BROGELLISUD  Srl now manufactures and markets fire doors for the national and foreign market, taking care to comply with the various regulations in force.

Constant research and resistance-tests in a furnace are some of the ways in which the BROGELLISUD  Srl brand guarantees its customers a high level of quality.

The Italian certificates held by BROGELLISUD  Srl are in conformity with the new UNI9723 standards.

While scrupulously conforming to the extensibility measurments established by the above standards, BROGELLISUD  Srl also offers great design flexibility for situations where, due to insurmontable architectural obstacles, doors with standard measurements cannot be used.

 Technologically advance machinery, managed by modern computer systems, makes it possible to manufacture and supply RF120 Fire Doors and single or double-leaf Multipurpose Doors in very short times.

All the processes, from the cutting of the sheet metal to the final details, are carried out at our factory in Santa Palomba, an industrial area near Rome.

Our product:

Fire Doors RF 120

Sound-Insulating Steel Doors

Type Doors ECO94

Multipurpose Door

Cooker Hoods for Kitchen

Decorative Metallic Panels


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